5 Fun Half Term Activities

It’s half term again (how quickly the time has flown). You may be lucky enough to have a short break booked but if not read on for 5 ideas of what to do with the kids this week. 

#1 Plan & Hold a Holiday Party

There is no doubt school holidays can get boring especially if the weather is rubbish. Liven things up by holding a party. Get your kids to go the whole hog and plan the party, write invites, help make the food and drinks and then plan games, a mini disco or mega gaming session.

#2 Play British Bake Off (or at least decorate off)

Baking is a great activity for the holidays as it fits in with the fact kids only really concentrate for a maximum of 30 mins at a time. Mix up some cakes, plan something to do while they cook and cool, then get decorating. Add a British Bake Off spin by having a theme. If you aren’t able to bake go simple and grab some plain biscuits, icing and a variety of sprinkles and sweets and make monster faces, pretty flowers, animals or whatever takes your fancy.

#3 Go On a Winter Picnic

If the weather does hold out go on a long walk and take a winter picnic. Check out Week 31 of our Project 52 blog for the perfect winter picnic menu.

#4 Play Dens Inside

Always a favourite and the fun lasts for hours, grab old sheets, pillows, duvets, cushions etc. and create an inside den.

#5 Get Messy

There are so many ways for kids to get messy and let’s face it it’s the best of fun. Why not brainstorm all the possible ways to get your kids messy and then have a go. Our favourites include a good old muddy puddle splash and hand, feet, finger painting (trust us the bigger kids love this one).


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