Grow Your Own

Summer is so close we can smell it. Here at Mummies Club we have a love of fresh food which is why each year we try and encourage families to grow their own fruit and veg. In this blog post we’ve pulled together three quick ideas  of what to grow so you and your family can get something planted in the garden (or in a pot) this weekend.

Pop in some peas!

Peas are so easy to sow and although you’ll need quite a few for a whole meal they are perfect for eating straight from the pod on a hot summers day. If you grab some seeds like these from Wilko and pop them into some pots (or straight into the soil) now you’ll have some ready to munch on in a few months.

Wilko Pea Onward Seeds £1 a packet

Cram in some carrots!

You can get all sorts of carrots these days and some of the smaller varieties are perfect for growing in pots so you can cram them into the smallest of spaces. We like these Bowling Carrots from Sutton seeds as they don’t need to be in deep soil (perfect for pots).

Suttons Seeds Bowling Carrots £1.99 per pac or 6 for £7.50

Plant some potatoes!

The potato is a firm favourite and so easy to grow in a bag the ground (or old tyres). In May we are still just in time for second earlier and main crop varieties. for more information cache out this guide from Wilko which tells you what plants will suit your garden.

Wilko Potato Guide click here to view