5 Ways To Be A Little Greener As A Family

A a family is quite hard to be “green” as much as i’d like. With 3 boys under 13 life can get a little hectic. This week i’ve decide to write a quick and simple blog on ways we can all live a slightly greener (albeit busy) life. Here are my 5 Easy steps to being a little greener this year. 

#1 Make One Simple Cleaning Product

It’s so simple to pop along to your local shop and buy all sorts of chemicals to keep your house fresh and clean. While some jobs definitely need something made for purpose you can also make some products yourself and save the planet (ad your wallet) a little bit. I know we all like this idea and put it on the “to do one day” list. So instead of listing 10 products you should make right now i’ve got just one and its a beauty.

Homemade All Purpose Spray


2 tbsp dishwashing liquid (about 3 big squeezes)

Hot water to fill a spray bottle

100ml white vinegar

Essential oils few drops (optional)

Spray Bottle


Fill the spray bottle with hot water and leave a 5 cm gap at the top. Add the washing up liquid, vinegar and essential oils if you are using them. Close the bottle and gently shake. Use an an all purpose cleaner to freshen and brighten any surface.

#2 Craft With Recycled Materials

We know how easy it is to plan a crafting activity and then pop along to a large store and pick up the equipment. Challenge yourself to use only recycled materials for your next craft activity. Save all those little pieces of paper, card, jars, tubes and foil and get busy. It’s a perfect activity for the kids and we guarantee you’ll have lots of fun.

Happy kid playing with toy robot

#3 Make Your Own Reusable Bags & Use Them!

Now UK law has changed regarding paying for plastic bags there’s even more reason to use canvas and cotton bags to carry your shopping home. Go one step further and make your own. We like this simple idea from Petersfield Mummie Jill;

Pillow Case Bags

Make a very simple shopping bag from an old pillow case. All you need to do is:

Lay out the pillow case and cut the open end off to the desired length.

Sew the ends over using a strong stitch.

Take the fabric you cut off of the pillow case, divide in two and sew into handles.

Attach the handles to the “bag” part of the pillow case (make sure you do this secure so you can carry heavier items). T

op Tip: Decorate your new bags with left over ribbons. mini pom pos from leftover wool or fabric paints.

#4 Grow Your Own – But Only 3!

We know it can be hard to grow your own food but the trick is to keep it manageable. Start off small and build year on year. Pick three things you use often such as potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, all of which are perfect for families. We particularly like growing potatoes in a potato sack, tomatoes out of grow bags against a garden fence and carrots in stacked up old car tyres filled with compost. Easy peasy and delicious.

Fresh organic rainbow carrots

#5 Avoid Food Waste

Pre-preparing food is a no brainer, not only do you generate less waste you also have something ready to eat and get this, filling your freezer up means it will use less energy to stay cold. Win Win!

Think family meals and frozen soups, stock and sauces. Plan a massive weekend cook and then relax knowing your sorted for the month ahead.

Assorted fruits and vegetables in brown grocery bag holding a young girl

Blog by Chloe x