Fun July 4th Food Ideas

 4th July sees the USA celebrate Independence Day. Here over “the pond” we want to help them celebrate and what better way than through food!

Did you know Independence day is commonly associated with barbecuing, cold beer, family picnics, crumbly strawberry shortcakes and all the hot dogs you can eat!

And in recent years the theme of red white and blue food has gone Pinterest crazy. Check out our favourite ideas below.

#1 Flag Cookies


Idea and Image from Our Best

We love this idea because it’s seriously simple, just bake square cookies, cover in icing or frosting and use M&Ms or even smarties to create your flag. A perfect job for little helpers!

#3 Red White and Blue Daiquiris


Idea and Image from Food

No party is complete without drinks, have a go at these fabulous patriotic daiquiris. For a non-alcoholic version just remove the rum.

#3 Blue (yes blue) Burger


Image and Idea from Easy Peasy and

Ok we’ve got to be honest we aren’t so sure about this one, the one thing we are sure of it will get the conversation going!

#4 Flag Pizza


Idea and Image from

Ok so another flag food but why not! Use bacon and mushrooms to make your flag.

#5 Super Cute Strawberries


Idea and Image from The Sisters Cafe

What a great way to decorate strawberries and a perfect way to get one of your 5 a day in!

#6 Perfect Pie


You can’t celebrate anything american without a pie. We love this cherry and blueberry recipe from My