Food Trends For 2018

What foods will be be chowing down on this year?

From plant proteins to Japanese Dude food we’ve got an overview of what’s hot and what’s not.

Plant Proteins

Plant proteins have long been on the menu, especially with the rise of flexitarians (yes there’s now a name for part-time vegetarians) and 2018 is set to see an influx of meat alternatives hitting the supermarket shelves and restaurant menus. Look out for pulses, seeds, soy, shoot and algae.

Hawaiian Food

Poke bowls are a staple of Hawaiin cuisine– the best way to describe them is deconstructed sushi. Expect to see them pop up on restaurant menus especially in the summer months.

Speciality Tea

Although Starbucks attempt to conquer the tea market hasn’t gone quite to plan that doest seem to be stopping smaller independent speciality tea suppliers especially those who offer subscriptions. Also keep an eye out for tea bars on your high street this year.

Japanese Dude Food

With such a cool name who could not want to know more. Japanese Dude food is basically an indulgent cuisine seen in the streets of Tokyo after dark. Think deep fried tofu and skewered chicken.

Four Meals a Day

The number of meals and snacks we eat a day has long been an area of discussion. This year will see 4 meals a day become much more acceptable. Look out for treats to finish off the day or afternoon energy boosters.

Booze Free Drinks

Gone are the days of non-alcoholic beers that taste like a “waste product”. 2018 will see a huge variety of non-alcoholic alternatives focussing on botanicals.