Here at Mummies Club we LOVE a “hack” blog post.This week its all about Aluminium foil.

We’ve got 6 great uses

Make a scrubber

Use Aluminium foil to scrub, pans, BBQs and much more from Instructables.

Sharpen scissors

Image and idea from This Old House 

We’ve all got frustrated from time to time with scissors that don’t cut properly. Next time this happens grab a piece of foil and cut it up to sharpen the blades. 


Create shaped cake tin 

Image and idea Expert Home Tips 

Want to make a cake for a special occasion but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a special shaped tin? Get creative and make the exact shape you want from foil 


Shine silver and jewellery

Image and idea from Brain Jet

If you’ve got full silverware or silver jewellr use this hack to make it sparkle again.