FIVE 2017 Food Trends you Need To Know About

From drinking vinegars to blue algae powders we’ve got five healthy food trends to try this year (or perhaps just watch everyone else try). Read on for the full list:

#1 Fat Bombs

There seems to be a wealth of sugar free diets doing the rounds at the moment and lots of them utilise selected natural fats as a “good” energy source. Fat balls are a high protein, low sugar sweet or savoury treats. Find out more on HERE

#2 Eat to Sleep Foods

Eating foods that aid sleep is big news right now. We like this idea – cherry juice! Available from places like Holland & Barrett and Ocado it just might help you rest a little better.

 #3 Blue-green Algae

All the rage in Australia, this latest plant-based protein is a must try for 2017. We like this product from Holland & Barrett  perfect added to your daily smoothie or sprinkled on your morning porridge.

#4 Orange Wines

Yes, you read that correctly. Named because of their colour, orange wines are due to be the big drink of the summer. Move over rose and go orange! Read this review from The Independent HERE

#5 Drinking Vinegars

With supposed health benefits and interesting flavours, drinking vinegars are one to watch.