Finger Knitting Is Back!

Do you remember finger knitting? A staple of playgrounds everywhere in the 80’s and 90’s. 

Well great news it’s back and its even more inventive than ever. Read on for a trip down memory lane.

In the past finger knitting skills were passed on from one person to another but now we have YouTube at our “fingertips” which means a fabulous wealth of videos packed full of instructions and examples. In this blog we’ll talk you through some different types of finger knitting (sometimes called finger crochet) and share a few ideas of projects to try at home.  So let’s get started at the beginning with simple one finger knitting.

Basic One Finger Knitting

It is what it says on the tin, knitting with one finger only. The best place to learn is using a YouTube video like this one from Kids With Yarn.

Multi Finger Knitting

Now you’ve mastered the one finger knit, it’s time to move onto multi finger knitting. Let’s start with Two Finger Knitting, We like this video from Red Ted Art

Next Four Finger Knitting – check out this video from Fiber Flux

Finger Knitting Project Ideas:

There are literally thousands of things you can make with finger knitting. We’ve collected together just a few project ideas below to give you some ideas.

Fun Kids Scarf from Fiber flux

Write a message like this A Love Wall Decor from housing a forest
















Create An Octopus Family like this one from Flax and Twine

Make a Cushion like this one from Readers Digest