Fashion Tips For Breastfeeding Mums

Fashion tips for breast-feeding mums


Breast-feeding mums rejoice! There’s now an incredible range of nursing outfits that’ll make you feel good about yourself, while also allowing you to whip out your boobs at the drop of a hat.

Too many women feel that they have to get practically naked in public when they’re breastfeeding. Many more fear that they won’t be able to wear fashionable, well-fitting clothes until they stop feeding. Thankfully, we are here to prove you wrong with these top nursing fashion tips!

The Breast Vest



This amazing vest turns any – we repeat ANY – top into a breast-feeding top. It sits under your nursing bra, meaning that you can pull up your top to feed without having to bare all. That’s why we love this simple little number, as it means we can get back into our normal clothes whenever we are good and ready. Hurrah!

The Posh Frock



There’s nothing worse than being invited to a wedding when you’re breast-feeding and not finding anything decent to wear. Seraphine have some gorgeous dresses for pregnant and nursing women, and this one – with its zip for subtle feeding – is perfect.

The Breton Stripe


From Jo Jo Maman Bebe

 We’re a big fan of nursing outfits that you’ll wear again and again, even when you’re no longer breastfeeding. This Breton-striped jumper is just the ticket, and while it has buttoned side panels for easy access, it’s truly a classic that you’ll want to wear forever.

The Day Dress


From H&M

Team this cute jersey dress with black tights and ankle boots, and you’ve got yourself a super chic autumn / winter outfit. We love H&M’s simple, affordable nursery fashion classics and this one is a snip at £19.99.

The Floral Shirt 



Patterns are definitely your friend when you’re breast-feeding, and this pretty blouse is a gorgeous feminine statement piece. Perfect for a must-needed evening out with the girls.