Family Microwave Meal Ideas (for When It’s Too Hot Too Cook)

The recent fine weather got most of us a little hot under the collar and let’s face it the last thing you want to do in hot sticky weather is cook.

Have no fear here at Mummies Club we’ve have the answer. A selection of easy family meals you can prepare using just a¬†microwave.

Leeky Salmon In A Parcel

Image and recipe from BBC Good Food

The one thing we just LOVE about this idea is the fact you can assemble them before and then just pop them in the microwave when you’re hungry.

Why not serve with:

microwave new potatoes

microwave steamed veg

Cheesy Chicken Rolls

Image and recipe from Allrecipes

OMG these look devine and are super easy to make.

Why not serve with:

microchips and baked beans

or for the health conscious a crisp salad bag

Tuna Sweet Potato Jackets

Image and Recipe from BBC Good Food

Sweet potatoes make a fabulous alternative to normal jacket potatoes and look delicious.

Why not serve with:

a simple green vegetable medley using frozen broccoli, peas and beans.

Scallop Mousse Stuffed Seabass With Ratatouille

Image and recipe from Microwave Association

Did you know there is a microwave association? No, we didn’t either. But there is and they have some cracking recipes on their website, like this scallop mousse stuffed seabass with ratatouille. One word – yum!

Mexican Hot Dogs

Image and recipe from Studenteats

You don’t have to be a student to appreciate these tortilla wrapped delights.

Why not serve with:

nachos and salsa