Family Ice Lolly Recipes

There’s nothing better than an ice lolly on a sunny day (or a rainy day, come to that), and kids seem to quite like them too, judging by the sticky hands that go hand in hand with a visit from the ice-cream van.

Fancy feeling ever-so-wholesome and a tiny bit smug by making your own? Now you can! Here are TEN delicious lolly recipes that will wow your family, help your kids eat their five a day (well some do) and make you feel (even more) like an awesome domestic goddess. Plus most of these are guilt-free and actually fairly healthy. RESULT!

#1  Watermelon Popsicles

Homemade watermelon popsicles with ice against a rustic blue woo

So simple, blend some fresh watermelon and add to an ice lolly mould (save some seeds if you want the ice to look authentic), let it freeze and then add a layer of coconut milk. Freeze again and finish with some blended kiwi!

#2 Traffic light lollies


By Annabel Karmel

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Good old Annabel Karmel – AKA the Weaning Queen – has done it again with these delicious traffic light lollies. They look incredibly complex and incredibly pretty, but they’re actually fairly easy. Just puree three different fruits (we like strawberries, peaches and kiwis) and you’re pretty much there!

#3 The Gin & Tonic lolly


From A Dash of Ginger

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If you’ve already worked your way down this list, you definitely deserve one of these G&T lollies for all of your wholesome efforts! To be honest, you probably deserve one anyway, as this parenting lark is no mean feat. These are decadent, delicious and are guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

#4 Banana Nutella Fudgesicles


by The Veit Vegan

OH my! We LOVE nutella which means we love these lollies which also use up bananas perfect!

#5 Simple Ice pops


From Paleo Diet and Fitness

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Ah, ice pops. The lolly of our childhoods. And the good news is that they’re amazingly simple and great fun to make with the kids. Better still, these are totally natural and not laden with e-numbers, like the luminous blue raspberry ones we used to eat…

#6 The Green One


From No. 2 Pencil

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Ok, ok, we admit it. These aren’t the prettiest lollies of the bunch. But they’re undeniably fantastic for all the fussy eaters out there and will get your little one eating their greens in no time. Blend frozen mango, banana, baby spinach and a dash of fruit juice – and you’ll get a delicious healthy treat that they’ll be scoffing like nobody’s business.

#7 Strawberry Milk Lollies


by Good To Know

A great spin on the ever popular mini milk. These home made versions are capped with a chocolate dip and a sprinkle of well sprinkles.

#8 Refresher Grape Popsicles


by The miniature Moose

Grapes, a staple of fruit for children up and down the country. Make your own fresh grape lollies like this one from The Miniature Moose.

#9 Pimms Lollies


by Good To Know

We just had to add these as the ultimate taste of summer, just make sure you keep little hands away from these as they are only for grown ups!

#10 Fizzy Chocolate Cubes


by Good To Know

The words fizzy and chocolate don’t necessarily go together but in this case they certainly do. Pop on over to Good To Know and find out hoe to make these cubed delights.