Family Firework Fun

Bonfire Night is probably one of the most exciting times during Autumn. There is something magical about watching your child’s face light up at the beautiful fireworks.

However wet, cold weather and the ever constant tantrums can cause stress for us parents! But with a little planning we can help your night go smoothly and the only noise from the children will be the Oooo’s and Ahhh’s…


Make sure everyone has hats, gloves, warm waterproof coats, welly boots and ear defenders for the younger child (a life saver for my little boy who loves the flashes but not the noises!)

If you have a younger child a buggy is always a good idea as at public displays there is a lot of waiting around.

Boredom can set in quickly with the younger child so take something to occupy them. Snacks and drinks and maybe an idea as the queues at bonfire displays can be rather tiresome!

Sparkler safety

Sparklers are great fun but also get dangerously hot. Always make sure both you and your child are wearing gloves and only hold one sparkler at a time. Keep at arms length and look out for other people and always supervise children. Children under 5yrs old shouldn’t hold one at all.

Once the sparkler has gone out make sure you place in a bucket of water and never ever pick up a dropped sparkler even if it has fizzled out. It could still be incredibly hot.

Bonfire Food

I still remember watching the local firework display then everyone walking back to our house and having food and hot drinks.

Go for food that can be left in the oven or slow cooker for example:

Jacket potatoes

Hearty stews


Chilli’s or curry

As for drinks the children always love hot chocolate or hot milk and mulled wine for the adults is never a bad idea.

Bonfire Craft Ideas

Making sparkly glittery bonfire pictures is such fun and so easy.

Take some dark card, some PVA glue and lots of glitter!

Spread the glue in shapes across the card and sprinkle the glitter!

Splatter paint pictures also make a great firework picture. Just remember to cover the table to prevent too much mess!

Try getting some pipe cleaners, twist them together and pull out the ends to make a star shape. Dip in paint and print onto paper of card. Another fab firework picture.



For detailed safety advice for bonfire night please take a look at the link below:


And please remember to keep pets inside…