Week 11 – Elevate A Family Walk

This week we are all about family walks. A great way to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and spend time with the kids. The only problem is sometimes they just don’t want to go. Here at Mummies Club we have come up with THREE ideas to elevate the Family Walk. Have fun!


Make A Video

Take along a camera (you could use an iPod or smart phone) and get the kids to record short films as you walk. Pick things you’ve found like a birds nest, bugs under a log etc. When you get home use some simple editing software to create a family walk film.



Do Some Rubbings

This is so simple, grab some paper and crayons in your bag and get the kids to make nature rubbings along the route. Things like tree bark, stone and leaves work well. Take them home and make a Family Walk Collage.



Let Them Control The Map

Print off a map before you go and let the kid’s decide where to go. Alternatively if you don’t want to risk getting lost plan the route with them before you leave and make a list of landmarks to look out for. If you’ve got a compass throw that in your pocket to add even more fun!