Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is here and eggs are a plenty! 

If you fancy gathering your brood and decorating some eggs this year, make sure you read on for inspiration and ideas.

General Egg Decorating

Decorating eggs is such a simple and fun activity. Whether you choose to hard boil first, have a go at blowing your egg or use wooden or plastic versions please make sure you don’t eat the eggs if the decorations are not edible!

Washi Tape Cut Outs

Photo from Good House Keeping (Mike Garten)

If  you’ve been following our blogs you’ll know we LOVE washi tape which is why we’ve included this lovely idea from Good House Keeping.

Nail Polish Easter Eggs

Photo and Tutorial from Little Inspiration

Got some left over nail varnish? Make use of it by decorating some little eggs like these. For the full tutorial visit

Floral Wreath Crown Eggs

Photo from Flax & Twine

We love Flax & Twine and these little simple but pretty eggs. Pop on over to their website for more information.

Marker Printed Eggs

Photo from Good House Keeping (Confetti Sunshine)

This is such a simple idea all the family can join in. Use markers to decorate an egg with little repeating patterns like these featured on Good House Keeping

Mini Bunnies

Photo and idea from Easter Holiday Calendar

Add some felt to the mix and create ears and legs for these little bunnies.