Eco Friendly Products For The Whole Family

Here at Mummies Club we are passionate about using Eco Friendly products in the home and for our family.

In this blog we look at 5 products you might like to try.

#1 Child’s farm 3in 1 swim

Childs Farm’s hair care range is especially designed for the unique needs of babies and children’s hair. Free from parabens and SLSs, our cleaning, conditioning and detangling products are made with 98% naturally-derived ingredients. And because they’re scented with essential oils, they smell amazing too.

#2 Method kitchen spray

Put the hurt on dirt with this non-toxic Kitchen cleaner with powergreen™ technology. Method cleaners have powerful new formulas made with naturally derived surfactants that work by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it.

Knocks out kitchen grease and food spills without leaving chemical residues in your kitchen.

#3 Jack n Jill toothpaste

Yummy natural organic strawberry toothpaste for kids who are 6 months plus. Free from nasties and fine for them to swallow. With funky packaging you’ll love.

#4 Naty baby wipes

Naty by Nature Babycare wipes are 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, with high performance. Based on new, “green” technology, Nature Babycare wipes perform as well as the best “traditional” wipes, and are gentler both to your baby and the environment.

These powerful dishwasher tablets will shift dried-on food and grease to make your dishes, cutlery and glassware sparkle with a streak-free shine.

#5 Ecover dish washer tablets

We choose renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients which are effective, reduce pollution and lessen the burden on our planet’s resources.