Easy Nativity Costumes To Save Your Bacon

It’s that time of year again. Nativity time! A small and lovely event that makes parents across the UK wake up in a hot sweat in the middle of the night. Whether you’ve known for weeks what your child will be a sheep (and just  haven’t got round to making said outfit) or you’ve just found out – we are here to help. Read on for some very EASY nativity costumes to save your bacon. 

Angelic Angels

From TheGuardian.com

Being an angel is all about the wings! Have a go at these adorable cupcake case (yes you read that right) wings from The Guardian.com They even have instructions for a star headdress to finish the look.

Marvellous Mary 

Who’d have thought it. All you need for your Mary costume is probably hiding in your home somewhere! Have you got: “A blue pillowcase, a long skirt, a stretchy hairband, a length of white fabric and some sandals”. Yes? Great – find out more HERE

Joseph or a Shepherd

Even though you can buy these outfits in most supermarkets why not challenge yourself to make one simply and cheaply like mum Jennifer on  Jennifer’s Little Work Blog.


The trick with a King costume is to follow the Shepherd or Joseph idea but in more luxurious fabrics and then… ADD A BEARD! Find some useful instructions over on Doodlecraft


Ok so we know there are lots of animals in the play but the good old sheep (or lamb) remains a firm favourite. If your little one is a sheep create a simple outfit using these instructions from wikkihow