Easy Gardening Ideas For Kids

Whether you are a fan of all things horticultural or don’t know a radish from a spring onion we’ve got some gardening ideas simple enough even a child can grow them.

Suflower Pot People

Image and Idea from RHS

Planting sunflowers is a great activity for kids. Why not have a go at this idea from the RHS, they give great tips for growing your sunflower including keeping the slugs away and then tell you how to create your fabulous face.

Make Your Own Compost

Image and idea from Mummies Club

Making compost is so easy and doesn’t always need a special compost bin. Pop on over to the Mummies club project 52 blog and create this simple mini bottle composter.

Build A Scarecrow

Image from RHS

If you are goring fruit or veggies in your garden this year you’ll need to think of lots of ways to protect those little delicate seedlings. What better way than a scarecrow. Such a great family activity. Find out what you need to do from the RHS website. 

Plant An Alpine Colander

Image from RHS

Colanders make excellent planters as they already have built in drainage. Why not plant one with little alpines. You can get some really lovely varieties at your local garden centre. Read all about it on the RHS website.

Plant Some Wellies

Image from Mummies Club P52

Last year on the Mummies Club Project 52 Blog we featured some fabulous planted wellies. At this time of year you could fill them with betting plants, lettuce or even some mini carrots. And don’t worry you don’t have to use your own wellies, pick some old ones up from a charity shop or ask for donations via your local Facebook for sale group.