Easy “BUSY BAGS” Guaranteed To Keep Your Toddler Entertained

Five busy bag ideas guaranteed to keep your pre-schoolers entertained

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly looking for creative ways to organise the toy chaos that spreads throughout your house from the crack of dawn every day.

Busy bags are definitely your friend. They’re brilliant for encouraging independent play and (VERY importantly) for entertaining your kids when you’re out for lunch.

These little activity bags are also wonderful for doctor’s waiting rooms and narrowly averting car seat or buggy-based tantrums. Enjoy!

#1 Crazy straws and fuzzy felt busy bag


From Powerful Mothering 

This one is a super simple activity, but a perfect one for toddlers to get their heads around and fiddle with for at least half an hour or so. It’s a great way for them to build their fine motor skills, as well as getting to know colours and shapes- plus it won’t take you long to pull together. Result!

#2 Colour matching bottle caps game


from Simple Fun for Kids 

This is a cheap and easy one to make. All you need is a range of different coloured pieces of paper, bottle caps, glue, cardboard and scissors – and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a game that’ll keep on giving. Pop it in the handbag for Sunday lunch at the local pub – and treat yourself to a glass of red while the kids play.

#3 DIY car track busy bag


from Adventures of Adam

We love this one, as everything was bought from PoundLand (even the car) so it certainly won’t cost you the earth. The car track was made by cutting two rubber mats into strips and painting on a white line for the road. This one probably won’t fit into your handbag, but it’s perfect to take along to keep your kids entertained when you visit your mates.

#4 ABC straw fun busy bag


from Educator’s Spin on It

There are so many ways to play with these fun alphabet straws, from letter matching to straw threading, colour recognition games and more. They’ll take a little while to make, but they’re the perfect way to teach your kids their ABCs.

#5 Christmas tree fuzzy felt busy bag 


from Coffee Cups and Crayons

It’s November, so it’s ok to talk about Christmas being just around the corner – right?! With this Christmas busy bag, your kids will be able to decorate the tree as many times as they like and get you all in the mood for Yule. Anyone for a mulled wine?