Easy Bread And Pasta Swaps

My name is Annabel and I am a bread-o-holic. Yep, give me a bap or crusty French stick and I’m yours forever.

But even I have been drawn into the world of veggie carb-swaps sweeping the Internet. From courgetti to using Portobello mushrooms as burger buns, there are so many ways to trick your tastebuds into thinking you’re eating some comforting carbs, while topping up your Five-a-day. Even better, you’ll skip the post-carb bloat and feel spectacularly smug about how deliciously healthy your dinner has been.

These recipes are sure to wow the kids too, so they’ll be crying out for more sweet potato noodles in no time.

Portobello mushroom burgers


From Comfort Bites Blog

If you think about it, using mushrooms as bread rolls makes COMPLETE sense and we should’ve been doing it our whole lives. They’re the right shape and they’re juicier and more flavoursome than any burger bun on the planet. Even the self-professed bread-addict is sold, so you will be too.

Sweet potato noodles with cashew sauce


From Pinch of Yum

Get your spiralisers at the ready, because this one looks fabulous. Sweet potato is the perfect swap for spaghetti or noodles, as it holds its shape really well and packs a deliciously sweet punch. If you don’t fancy spiralising your own noodles, some of the major supermarkets are now selling them ready-made and they’re just as tasty.

Cauliflower pizza


From Telegraph.co.uk

Say whaaaat? A pizza crust made from CAULIFLOWER? What next?! This no-carb offering is truly spectacular though and you may never want to indulge in a takeaway pizza ever again after feasting your face on this one. All you need to do is blitz your cauliflower into fine crumbs, microwave and wring out the excess moisture then knead with egg, mozzarella and parmesan. Flatten into a pizza shape and bake until crisp, then add as many toppings as you fancy. Jobs a good ‘un.

Asian turkey lettuce wraps


From Eat Yourself Skinny

You can indulge in your very own Taco Tuesday every single week with these wondrous spicy turkey lettuce wraps. Little gem or Romaine lettuces make a brilliant alternative to a traditional wraps, and you can stuff them to bursting with any filling of your choice. We love the idea of a spicy Asian filling, but you could do traditional fajitas and serve them in lettuce for a healthy crunch.

Slow cooker aubergine lasagne


From Sweet CS Designs

We all love a good lasagne, but combine pasta with lashings of cheese and béchamel sauce and you’ve got yourself a hefty calorie fest. Now you can enjoy a deliciously comforting lasagne sans guilt, as the humble aubergine steps in to replace the pasta and you can also use yoghurt or cottage cheese instead of the béchamel. This one is a corker, we promise.