Do I need a Will?

This weeks blog is all about Wills and who better to fill us in on all the details than our very own resident expert Joanne from Hillhampton Wills.

Thinking about what would happen if you were to pass away or suffer an accident is difficult for most people. Yet by investing around £150 and an hour of your time you can make things much easier for the loved ones that you leave behind.

You are never too young to create a Will and having one is particularly important if:-

  • you have children aged under 18. Writing a Will ensures that they will be looked after by the person or people you choose.
  • you are unmarried but cohabiting. Writing a Will ensures your partner will inherit your estate rather than your next-of-kin.
  • you have children from a previous marriage or relationship. A Will ensures both sets of children will be provided for in the way you determine.
  • you have assets in excess of ¬£250,000. Without a Will your spouse may not receive all of these assets.
  • you may require residential care in the future. A well planned Will written while you are fit and healthy may be able to protect at least half of your estate from the Local Authority.

Why do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is set up when you are fit and well and appoints friends or family to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated at a time in the future.

There are two types of LPA, a Health & Welfare LPA that allows the selected friend or family member to liaise with medics and care staff on your behalf, and a Property & Financial Affairs LPA that allows your chosen individuals to carry on your day-today affairs if you are unable to, such as pay your bills, claim your benefits, liaise with your employers or insurance companies.

It takes less than an hour to set up an LPA but it gives you peace of mind and protection for your lifetime.

Who we are

Hillhampton Wills & Probate Services is a family owned, independent company run by Joanne Baker. Accredited with the Institute of Professional Willwriters and a panel member for MoneyWise magazine Joanne visits clients in their own homes at a time convenient to them and ensures the process of creating a Will and LPA is as painless and simple as possible. Some clients even say they enjoy the meeting!

We are pleased to offer all Camberley Mummies Club members a 10% discount on our Wills & Lasting Power of Attorney prices.

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Blog by Joanne and Gwen x