Delectable date night recipes to blow your socks off

Delectable date night recipes to blow your socks off

When you have kids, there’s no doubt that the relationship with your partner changes dramatically. Your romantic weekend breaks, mid-week wine-fuelled date nights and relaxing holidays by the pool <drool> go out of the window, and are replaced with a shared sense of utter exhaustion and elation at bringing a tiny, screaming human into the world.

While your world will continue to revolve around your tiny, screaming human forevermore, you hard-working parents need to put yourselves first every so often. These date night recipes are perfect for those nights where you can’t get a babysitter, but you fancy feeling a bit special for a couple of hours and talking about something other than Sudocrem.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you end up spending your whole night cooing over photos of your wee one though… At least you’ll have some delicious food to eat while you’re at it.

#1 Tapas For Two



Wow, what a delicious-looking feast. And fairly healthy to boot. We reckon you’ll enjoy this one with a nice Rioja. Blogger, Alejandra Ramos, has been good enough to talk us through her ideal tapas date night recipes, and we think it’s worth treating yourselves….

#2 Crispy Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup



If this spicy little number doesn’t get pulses racing and temperatures soaring, we don’t know what will. It’s a perfect Autumn / Winter warmer, packed full of flavour and spices – and better still, it’s mainly cooked slow and low with very little input from you!

#3 Mexican Molcajete



This Mexican-style stew is a spicy, smoky little beast, with tender pieces of chicken, steak and prawns if you fancy. You can make a veggie version with oodles of roasted vegetables if you’re so inclined. It’s fairly simple to make, but looks and tastes mightily impressive. We would wholeheartedly recommend.

#4 Beer-simmered Clams



These delectable little morsels are super-easy to make and taste divine. They taste fab with

fries or crusty bread for mopping up all of those beery juices. Mmm…beer…

#5 Epic Chocolate Parfait



What better way to end a date night than with a gooey, chocolatey glass of wonderfulness (and more wine)? This decadent dessert is not for the faint hearted, packing in Oreos, Baileys and hot fudge sauce, but quite frankly, we are up for the challenge.