How To decorate With your Child’s Artwork

If you’ve got a mini Picasso on your hands but don’t know what to do with all the artwork your little one produces read on for some inspiration.

Get Framing

Image from The Imagination Tree

You can pick up really cheap frames from places like Ikea and Wilko. Use them to create your own wall of art. The great thing is you can swap in old pieces for new as your child grows. Perfect for a hallway or playroom.

Use A Mini Picture Line

Image and idea from Lush Home

We love this idea from Lush Home. It’s simple and effective and looks great!

Use A little Washi Tape

Image from

Anyone who has followed us for a while will know we LOVE washi tape. It’s perfect for creating frames around pictures and the best thing you can change it depending on the season (think Christmas tape a Christmas, Easter tape at Easter etc.) and it doesn’t mark the wall (as long as you remove it slowly). Use this image from to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Use Shelves Or Ledges

Image from Centsational Girl via Home Goods

You can buy picture shelves from Ikea or use a simple set of shelves and some blutac to stop frames slipping. Prop art on the shelves either in frames or why not add some clipboards for a slightly different look.

Clip Boards

Image from White House Black Shunters

Talking of clipboards, they are a cheap and easy way to display your little ones art work. The idea here is to fill a wall with boards and then chop and change which pieces of art you have on display throughout the year.