Day Time Date Ideas

Have you seen Michael Mc’Intyres sketch called “People with no kids don’t know”? 

HERE’S the link in case you haven’t. There’s an excellent part about not being able to “just go to a restaurant” if you fancy it.

Apart from making us laugh hysterically this sketch has inspired us to come up with a solution – forget date nights we are all about Date Days! Read on for some cracking ideas on spending some precious time with your other half. 

This week my husband and I decided to give up on trying to arrange date nights. If i’m honest the whole thing is more trouble than its worth. You have to arrange a babysitter, find somewhere to go and book it up, rush around to get the kids fed, bathed and ready for bed and if all that goes smoothly (which it normally doesn’t) you’ve then got to actually get yourself ready and go out.

The Solution – Day Time Dates!

The idea is simple instead of trying to squeeze in some precious time together for just 2-3 hours one evening opt to spend a day together and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Think fun and spontaneous! Our recent Date day was lazy cycling (see below) it was by far the most fun we’ve had in ages and we actually had our day date in-between the school run so didn’t even have to arrange childcare. Win, Win!

Here’s our top 4 Day Time Date ideas .

#1 Lazy Cycling 

Find a local bike hire shop that hires out electric bikes. The great thing about this is t’s a little different. Sure you could get your own bikes out, strap them to the bike rack, drive somewhere and go for a ride, but lets be honest there’s nothing lazy about that (its a whole lot of hassle). Electric bikes are amazingly good fun and super easy to ride even for the un-fittest amongst us (trust me I managed an 8 mile ride and I would have stopped at the first hill had I been on a normal bike). I guarantee you’ll have a great time. We haven’t laughed so much in years – and even better we stopped for a kid free lunch along the way.

#2 River Boat Lunch

The great thing about Day Time Dates is the fact you get to have lunch out. Sure you could just go to a restaurant in town but this blog is here to inspire and spice things up a little. Why not book a relaxing cruise along your local river? Choose one that serves lunch along the way so you don’t even have to give where to eat a second thought and then sit back, slow down and relax.

#3 Hamper and Games

This year has definitely seen the resurgence of the picnic hamper. The queens 90th birthday celebrations have involved thousands of hampers being eaten up and down the UK. Pair this with some outside games (to add a bit of fun) and you’ve got a perfect Day Time Date! National Trust properties are a great place to do this. They often have lawn games available to use and their cafes are the perfect place to pick up some hamper supplies.

#4 Take a Train Ride

Have you here noticed the deals on the train networks over the summer? There’s normally always a special offer to take advantage of. Grab a train map and choose a place you haven’t visited before. Grab a coffee, jump onboard and explore a new place together. Grab some lunch while you are there or even better treat yourself to afternoon tea.

Have fun!