Craniosacral Therapy – what you need to know

Following on from some posts on Facebook about finding a good Craniosacral therapist in the local area we’ve decided this weeks blog will focus on the fabulous “Mummies Cub Recommended” Madeleine Lewis.

Based in camberley Madeleine has been practicing in the field of complimentary therapy for over 25 years and offers a range of therapies including the sought after Craniosacral Therapy for both infants and children.

One of the staff here at Mummies Club HQ has used Craniosacral Therapy on her two children and cannot recommend it enough. To help you find out more we have answered the two most asked questions, what is it and what aliments can it help?

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a complementary therapy that seeks out and identifies areas of compression, tension or restriction in the body which may in turn be causing pain and dysfunction. Such imbalances may be caused by the compressive forces of the birth process, injury, inflammation, infection, underlying pathologies and emotional tension. Yes! Babies and children suffer from stress too!

Although originally developed by an osteopath in the 1970’s, a Cranio-Sacral  treatment does not use any dynamic cracks, crunches or thrusts that are associated with typical manipulative therapies, but employs a gentle light touch that is not necessarily confined to the head or spine, often working all over the body in a soothing and comforting manner. There is usually no need to undress and treatment sessions take approximately one hour, allowing time for feeding, changing, or time to ‘make friends’ through play for the older baby.

The treatment is so safe that it is frequently recommended by Health Visitors and Midwives and chosen by parents to treat their infants and children.

Madeleine specialises in treating children and infants told us that:

“Children require a more flexible approach to treatment, they often remain seated and can watch a favourite DVD, toddlers are able to move about freely, playing with toys, and infants are often treated in arms, even when feeding”.

What Ailments can Craniosacral Therapy help?

Parents frequently seek Craniosacral treatment for their infants for a variety of ailments including:

– Feeding Difficulties

– Sleeping Problems

– Colic or Digestive Pain

– Neck Strain/Torticollis

– Misshapen Heads

– Problems arising from Birth Trauma.

Older children may be suffering from:

 Recurring Ear or Chest Infections

– Glue Ear

– Constipation/Digestive problems

– Chewing or Swallowing difficulties

– Anxiety

– Behavioural issues

– Tics & Twitches.

To Find out more about Madeleine CLICK HERE

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Madeline offers a 25% discount on first consultations for Mummies Club card holders, click HERE for more info.