Cloud Eggs

Cloud eggs are the latest food craze to hit Instagram and we absolutely LOVE them!

Perfect for children, especially paired with different fillings. Read on for Instructions and Inspiration on how to serve yours.

How to make them:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks

Whisk the whites in a bowl until they form stiff peaks

Gently fold in any added ingredients (see below for inspiration)

Place the whipped whites onto a lined baking sheet and create a dip in the middle for your yolk

Bake in an oven for approx. 2 minutes

Remove whites from the oven and gently add your yolk into the middle

Bake until the yolk is to your preference (ie runny or solid)

Combination Ideas and Inspiration

Parmesan and Ham

Image and idea from Delish

Pancetta and Parsley

Image and idea from A Life Of Geekery

Cheddar & Chives

 Image and idea from The Suburban Soap Box

Other ideas:

Spinach and Red Pepper

(make sure you remove the water from the spinach first)

Sausage and Tomato

Add some cooked crumbled sausage like chorizo and some finely diced tomato pieces

Smoky Paprika

Go simple and scatter some smokey paprika over the top once your eggs are baked