Christmas Card Making For Kids

While lots of people still send Christmas cards, fewer and fewer take the time to make them themselves. Although card-making takes longer than just buying them from the shops, this can be a great activity for the whole family and a good way to make your season’s greets more personal. Christmas opens up a whole host of creative inspiration that can be used to decorate cards, making this an ideal opportunity for kids of any age to get their artistic juices flowing. Here are five different Christmas card ideas to help inspire your family.

  1. Using family photos

Why not get creative on your computer and print images of your family onto Christmas cards? This can be a great way to revisit your family’s top moments of the past year. Let the kids pick out their favourite photos (under some supervision, if you’re worried they’ll pick a photo that’s fine for the family album but not necessarily for sending out to everyone you know). You can encourage them to play around with fun filters, add in some snow or reindeer and send out a festive selfie to your nearest and dearest.

  1. Potato Prints

Alternatively, you could go old-school and hand-make all the cards yourself. This might be a bit messier so if you decide to go down the crafty route, it’s worth knowing about useful things like removing ink from clothes or how to get paint off a work surface. With a bit of preparation, however, there are lots of festive prints you can create using potatoes. Simply cut a potato in two and then carve out whatever shape you like – Christmas trees, candy canes, Santa hats… Print away using ink or paint onto plain cards – an easy way to hand-make lots of cards in one go.

  1. Glitter pens

While this is another activity that might require you to know about removing ink from clothes, it is definitely worth it. Everybody loves a bit of glitter, especially at Christmas. Get a range of colours (preferably including gold, silver, green and red) then ask your little ones to do some festive drawings. Glitter ink is easier for little ones to work with, while older kids may be better equipped to handle loose glitter and glue (or help a younger child if their heart is set on using this method).

  1. Recreate your favourite scene of the year

If the children in your life are artistically talented, why not set them a drawing challenge? Ask each one to come up with their favourite memory from the last year and then draw a scene to represent it. Scan in the images when finished and print them onto however many cards you need. This will not only make a lovely and unusual festive greeting, but it’ll also act as a handy conversation starter with old friends.

  1. Cotton wool snowmen

Finally, there’s nothing better than a 3D Christmas card and why not celebrate the season with some snowmen? All you need is some cotton wool and glue, a few bits of coloured card and pens. Stick down a smaller round cotton wool piece on top of a larger one, draw eyes and and add card arms, carrot nose and any accessories you want your snowman to have, and voilà – a veritable Christmas scene.

There are endless creative things you can do to decorate cards at Christmas. Try one of these at home or set your children the task of thinking up a new idea themselves!