Cheap Summer Holiday Fun

The school summer holidays! Full of fun and sunshine. The truth is it’s becoming more and more expensive to keep the kids entertained for 6 whole weeks. Gone are the days where your child disappeared off with their mates at 9am and reappeared sporadically throughout the day (mainly for food and drinks).

Here at mummies club we’ve been thinking, does the summer break really have to costs parents a small fortune? The answer is no as long as you plan ahead. In this weeks blog we’ve listed some cheap ideas for having fun this summer.

Perfect the Picnic!

Picnics are the staple of the summer holiday and can save you a fortune. Get inventive and pack something different to normal sandwiches. Think flastbreads, tortilla wraps, individual pasta salads and frozen yogurt tubes.

Get Geocashing

Have you ever been Geocaching? If not why not. Its a great way to get outside and costs absolutely nothing. The idea is simple you use an app on your phone to locate little packages. Perfect to entertain the kids. See our app of the week HERE for more info.

Pack Up A Portable BBQ

Image and product from Tesco

Having a BBQ out and about is very exciting for kids. Choose to buy a small portable BBQ like this one from Tesco (£19.99) or get disposable ones as and when you need them.

Get Cycling

If you’ve all got bikes cycling can be a perfect low cost day out. Get the kids to plan the route and take charge of directions, pack up a picnic (see above) and head off for the day. If it’s hot think about a really early start or an evening ride, perfect for wearing the kids out just before bed time!

Set Up Some Swimming

Local pools often have special prices for kids, especially in the summer holidays. The biggest problem is spending loads of cash in the cafe afterwards. Why not go after tea and take hot chocolate in a flask for when you come out.

Mooch Around A Museum

A lot of museums, especially local ones are free entry. Take a look at those around you and plan to take a trip and find out about your local areas.

Host A Craft Day

If you’re kids are into crafts why not plan a craft day for them and invite their friends. Create a challenge (who can build the tallest tower, strongest bridge etc). You can usually use recycling you have in the house and some extras available like this 1000 piece giant box of craft from hobbycraft for just £5

Play In The Park

Local parks are great places for a morning or afternoon getaway. Take a few blankets, kites, bats and balls etc. (and lots to drink) and set up camp for a few hours.

Use an App

Use an app like Pokemon Go to get the kids out and about. It’s a great way to keep active and isn’t “boring” even for the coolest kid.

Check Out Cheap Cinema

Most cinemas have weekly cheap showings of films for kids over the school holidays. Look up your local venue and work out the cheapest time to go. If you want to avoid the inevitable lure of sweets and popcorn buy them before you go.

Take A Trip On The Train

Train companies have a whole range of cheap family tickets for travel during the holidays. Plan ahead and go somewhere you wouldn’t normally visit. Take your picnic and you’re in for a cheap and exciting day out.

Get Baking

Baking at home is a really cheap activity (and you get something lovely to eat at the end). Buy a book like  The Children’s Book Of Baking from Usborne (from £2.79 on eBay ) and work your way through the recipes. You never know you might create a future GBBO champion.