Cheap And Clever Christmas Wrap Ideas

A few years ago Alex Polizzi of Hotel Inspector fame presented a program on wrapping presents and ever since we’ve been hooked!

Ok so we all know when you have kids you end up buying rolls and rolls of cheap paper to cover their ever growing present pile but what about those special presents? You know, the ones for a friend, your mum etc.

Here at mummies club we’ve pulled together some fabulous cheap and clever ideas for those special little gifts. 

#1 Woven Gift Wrap



Simple but every so pretty. We love this idea from This would look really pretty with old magazines cut into strips as well.

# Newspaper and Berries



If you are in for some recycling grab your old newspaper and copy this lovely idea from We love the simplicity of the berries and string.

#3 Toilet Roll Favour Boxes



Since we are on the subject of recycling why not make use of left over toilet or kitchen rolls. We love this idea from

#4 Fabric Wrap



This is a great idea. Either buy some lovely scarves (think part of the present) or use ones you already have (or decorate sections of fabric). Pop on over to this blog by for a tutorial on printing our own fabric wrap.

#5 Washi Tape


from Brit & Co.

Good old washi tape! Use it to decorate some simple brown paper like these little presents featured on Brit & Co.