Camping Hacks

With camping season on the horizon we take a look at some simple and effective camping hacks to make your stay in the great outdoors a little easier. From comfy flooring to simple storage we’ve got it all!

#1 Foam Floor Tiles


by A Little Campy

Take these easy to assemble foam floor tiles and make your tent floor super comfy. They are also a doddle to clean as you can just lift them up, brush them off and replace.

#2 Campfire cones


by Kids Activity Blog

Treat the children by making these simple foil campfire cones. Packed full of marshmallows, chocolate and fruit – whats not to enjoy!

#3 Instant pancake mix


Fed up with cereal and sausages every morning. Pre weigh ingredients for pancakes into a jar and mix with egg and water for a quick breakfast treat.

#4 Water Bottle light


by Matador Network

Want some more light inside the tent or around the campfire? Use this simple trick to add a glow to your camping experience.

#5 Camping Sangria (or Pimms)


by Gast Family Recipies Blog

Every camping trip needs a first night celebration. Make up pimms or sangria in advance and then simply serve.

#6 Salt & Pepper/ Spice boxes


by Seattle Sundries

Get munching on Tic Tacs now so you have a supply of these little containers to take salt, pepper and spices.

#7 Travel posh coffee bags


by Life Hacks

If you love “posh” coffee in the morning but don’t want to bother taking all the equipment (and washing it up) make some of these little instant coffee bags using filter paper and string.

# 8 Single use soap leaves


by Life Hacks

There’s nothing worse than taking a bar or bottle of soap around just to wash all those sticky hands. Prepare small shavings of soap in advance, perfect for popping in a rucksack for a day out or taking for an evening wash before bed.

#9 Other ideas

Pack clothes per day not per person

Use a shoe organiser for everyday essentials

Camping with friends? Share the cooking meal by meal rather than all taking your own.