Why you should join busylizzy Farnham this year

A new year brings the opportunity to try out new experiences (and the hope of getting fit). As busy mums it can be hard to find something fun to do with your little one which also ticks the fitness box.

With this in mind, for this weeks blog we’ve teamed up with the fabulous Rebecca of busylizzy Farnham to explore what her classes have to offer local parents in 2017.

Rebecca has just taken over the club and is very excited about her brand new timetable, which includes the addition of some fabulous baby massage classes. For those of you familiar with busylizzy you’ll know that each class is run by an expert in the individual discipline and alongside their clubs they also offer family friendly talks and coffee mornings which are free for their members.

We asked new owner, Rebecca three simple questions about her club and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What makes busylizzy classes different from other classes?

A: busylizzy classes bring together the best, specialist instructors across a great range of postnatal fitness, baby and toddler classes. Mummy’s are able to exercise without the stress of finding childcare, as baby comes too! The timetable is carefully structured to give mums the opportunity to do a fitness class for themselves followed by a great kids class to help really get the most out of their membership! The flexibility of our booking system means that you can fit classes around a changing schedule so there is no need to pay for missed classes.

Q: What is your favourite class and why?

A: I’m completely fickle and change my favourite week on week! One week I might really feel that I need to get out into the fresh air and our Mummy & Me Buggy Fitness classes in Farnham Park are brilliant for this. Another week it might be all about the Pilates class followed by Baby Music (my son loves singing at the moment). The beauty of the busylizzy membership structure is that you can keep changing the classes that you are attending to fit around you and your little one’s schedules and to keep it exciting.

Q: What are your plans for 2017?

A: In 2017 I am planning to really focus on developing the social side of the club, introducing more free coffee mornings, events and talks so that all our members are truly experiencing a brilliant all round experience from their membership. There will be some changes made to the timetable in February to include the introduction of our Baby Yoga classes.

To celebrate her taking on ownership of the Farnham club Rebecca is offering a special January offer of “zero joining fee”. Contact Rebecca directly for more details.


Also make sure you enter our busylizzy competition to win a bundle of 5 kids classes worth £50.