Best BBQ Hacks

Ok so summer keeps playing with us! One day it’s here the next it’s gone but being British means a little rain doesn’t dampen our spirits.

This week we’ve scoured the web to find five clever (and on some occasions genius) BBQ ideas. Take a look and make sure your next BBQ is a big hit.

#1 Make A Super Juicy Burger
hamburgers and hotdogs cooking on flaming grill

If you are fed up with dry, charred burgers use a little piece of ice to keep the meat super juicy. Simply press a dimple in the centre of a raw burger with your thumb, then place an ice cube in the dimple. As the burger cooks the ice will melt and add moisture.

#2 Make A Mini BBQ From A TIN Can


Idea and image from Life

We love this simple and easy idea from Life Hacker. Perfect to take to the beach or on a family picnic in the park. Click the image description to find out more.

#3 Cook Up Some Dessert


Image from

Take a look at these  Barbecued banoffee trifles from and cook something seriously sweet on your BBQ this summer.

#4 Use A Cupcake Tray For Condiments


Idea and image from

BBQ condiments can get a little messy especially if you have a few quests all wanting bits for their burgers or salsa for their steaks. Make things simple by using a cupcake baking tray and some small teaspoons.

#5 Use An Egg Box To Get The Fire Started!

fire starter 002

Image and idea from Sew Many Ways

Lightning your bbq can be hard work and at times dangerous. Use this tip from Sew Many Ways to get your BBQ coals off to the best start. All you need is an empty egg box and you’re good to go.