Before School Breakfast Ideas

Fed up with breakfast. Try these 7 Back to school breakfast ideas!

Mug muffins 

Following on from our Things we love post a few months ago, we are all over mug cakes. Simple and so easy to make. Try some different combinations for breakfast. Savoury ham and cheese or fruit and cinnamon are great ideas.

Bagel Faces 

Make breakfast a bit of fun by creating a bagel face. Use some cream cheese or Nutella with some fruit or veg eyes, ears and a big smile.

Fruit and Pancake Kebabs 

We’ve all had a go a fruit kebabs but giving your child just fruit at breakfast won’t see them through the morning. Grab some scotch pancakes and add them to the mix. then drizzle with one for a sticky treat.

Rolled Cereal Bananas 

Grab a banana and roll it in some cereal. This works best if you roll the banana in honey first then the cereal of your choice.

Omelet Rolls 

Delicious hot or cold (if you want to prepare this the day before). Start by making a thin omelet, then take a tortilla pancake and roll the omelet inside, add cheese, tomato or ham/bacon to give it a breakfast twist.

Sweet Chocnana Rolls 

This is almost the same as the omelet rolls above, just replace the omelet with Nutella and then roll a whole banana up.

Muffin Pan Egg Mix Up 

Quick and simple. Wish an egg and mix in your favourite ingredients (ham, cheese, tomato, chives etc.) Pop the mix into a muffin tray an bake in the oven until cooked. Scoop out and enjoy!