Beauty Swaps For 2017

With the weather a little sad outside we’ve decided to brighten up the world with these 3 colourful beauty swaps.

Swap Lipgloss For Glitter 

Like a little shine on your lips, well this is the ultimate in sparkle. Wear some glitter lips next time you go out this year and you’ll shine “like a diamond”.

Glitter Lips by Beaty Boulevard from Superdrug

Swap Nail Polish For Spray

OMG this is one of the most fabulous ideas ever. Spray on nail varnish. Take a look at the videos on Youtube before you buy and then pop into a high street store like Debenhams to choose your colour.

NailsInc Paint Can in Debenhams

Swap Blush Powder For Liquid 

Blush helps even the palest of winter skin look better. Why not try something a little different and go for a liquid blush like this one from Benefit.

Benetint from House of Fraser