Avocado Delights To Try This Spring

Avocados aren’t just a savoury delight. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of delicious sweet and sumptuous recipes out there you can make with this lovely green fruit.

Read on for our top picks

#1 Chocolate Orange Pudding

Image and recipe from Apple Pie

Packed with avocado, agave nectar and chia seeds this fabulously creamy dessert looks seriously lush.

# Frog Pie

Image and recipe from pinch my salt

This is a lovely looking dessert from pinch my salt. the filling literally has three ingredients, avocado (of course) condensed milk and lemon juice. Swap the graham crackers for digestives and you’re ready to rock.

#3 Mint Chip Avocado Ice Cream

Image and recipe from Tasty.co

Ok so in our opinion you might like to call this something else as for some reason the idea of avocado ice cream just seems wrong but whatever you choose this avocado ice cream (yes we know -ice cream) is bound to get people talking.

#4 Chocolate Avocado Brownies

Image and recipe from Tasty.co

Ok so who doesn’t like a brownie? This recipe looks super sweet and we cant wait to try it.

#5 Avocado Lime Parfaits

Image and recipe from welicious

As avocado is green its pairing with lime seems a logical choice. These parfaits look like a perfect after dinner treat.