As a Mum it is important to have some time out to yourself, to get to the shops without a pushchair, have a cup of coffee that hasn’t gone stone cold and to get to the gym if fitness is something you enjoy. We all know about nurseries, child-minders and pre-schools when it comes to looking for childcare options but what about something that is a bit more flexible? This is where the crèche can be an absolutely essential part of surviving parenthood!

Mummies Club business member Arena Leisure based right beside Camberley town centre has a wonderful crèche that has been running for over 20 years with staff that have a wealth of childcare experience between them so your little ones are in safe hands.

I popped down to visit Julie Martin the crèche manager and to see for myself what is on offer there and I was really struck by what a valuable resource a crèche can be for Mums or anyone needing childcare help. With this in mind I have come up with a checklist of things to consider when choosing to use a crèche:

#1 Who can use the crèche

I wrongly assumed that if a crèche is located at leisure facility you have to be using that facility to take advantage of the crèche. This isn’t always true and certainly at Arena Leisure crèche you can use it wherever you are going be that to work, to run errands or indeed to use their on-site leisure facilities.

#2 What will my child do at the crèche?

A crèche will generally aim for a home-from-home environment so it will be more free play than structured learning. At Arena Leisure crèche they will offer more structured activities like arts and crafts, musical movement and role play depending on the age, stage and needs of the children in the crèche at any time

#3 Do I need to provide snacks

Something to consider when weighing up the cost of using a crèche in terms of what you need to provide. A healthy snack bar is provided free of charge for any children using Arena Leisure centre meaning you don’t have to worry about taking anything yourself.

#4 Do I have to commit to a minimum number of hours my child will attend the crèche?

No, this is the beauty of a crèche in that you can book in for the length of time and frequency you need it for and this can be on a very ad hoc basis.

#5 How old does my child have to be before they can use a crèche

This will naturally vary from crèche to crèche but in general they will take from about 6 weeks up to 8 years old. Arena Leisure have a lovely separate room (glass fronted for peekability!) where babies or little ones that need to snooze can have some peace. They are checked on at regular intervals which is signed off for your peace of mind.

#6 What can I expect to pay for a crèche?

Most crèche’s will charge on an hourly rate and you will be looking to pay approximately £3-£4 per hour. If the crèche is based at a gym you may well be entitled to a discount a gym member, this is certainly something that Arena Leisure offer.

So if you aren’t fortunate to have grandparents on hand to lend a hand with childcare and don’t want the commitment of a more formal setting then a crèche could well the answer you are looking for!

Arena Leisure are delighted to offer any new customers a buy one hour get one free offer.

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