Alternative Easter Gifts

Easter is on its way! As many of you know Easter is a celebratory time which often goes hand in hand with chocolate – and lots of it! But with the celebration fast approaching and so much diversity out there, we thought it would be fun to give you some alternative Easter gift ideas to wow both children and adults alike…

#1 Hot Crossed Bun Gin

By Gin Tales via NOTHS

This is one for the grown ups. From London based company Gin Tales it will definitely “spice” up your Easter bank holiday weekend.

#2 Grow It Yourself Mini Garden Egg Kit


by Harmony at Home Children’s Eco Boutique

This super sweet mini garden egg kit is a fantastic idea for children and adults of all ages – each eggling contains its own ready to grow garden in lavender, strawberry or basil. Their minimalist design would look great on the windowsill

#2 Children’s Drawing on a Wooden Spoon


by Agni Prasada Burning


Since Easter is the time for cooking up treats in the kitchen we came across these personalised wooden spoons and thought that they would be perfect for the cook in your life. With spoons as sweet as these, who needs chocolate!

#3 Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt Card Game for Families


by Sensory Trust on Amazon


With Easter egg treasure hunts hot on the list at this time of year why not try a treasure hunt with a twist? This nature based card game gets the whole family outdoors and is both educational and fun – the perfect excuse for a nice walk at Easter.

#4 Pair of Personalised Handmade Ceramic Egg Cups


by Gilbert and Stone on Etsy


A stylish choice for the Mr & Mrs who love their eggs in the morning! With a personalised design, you’ll be able to say eggs’actly what you want!

#6 Egg Pets


by Laura Long 


How adorable are these? Packed with charm and character, I’m sure any child would be thrilled to receive egg pet companions as cute as these and all for the same price as a chocolate egg!

#8 Pastel Egg Candles( Lavender, Chamomile, Rose & Coconut)

alteast7by Robynsnest on Etsy


Why not bring a bit of a Spring/Summer freshness indoors and dress the dinner table in style with these delightful pastel egg candles in floral & tropical scents? Each egg comes specially gift wrapped and would make a perfect gift for the host with the most!

#9 A Simple Bunch Of Spring Flowers

Hands of a woman holding beautiful peonies bouquet

If you just don’t have time to shop or make, grab some spring flowers from your local supermarket and bunch them together to make a beautiful simple bouquet.

I hope you have enjoyed our alternative Easter gifts selection!

Until next time,

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