MC Make It – Alternative Advent Calendars

This week we are looking at alternative advent calendars. Something that makes the kids excited and adds some Christmas cheer to your home. We’ve pulled together 8 ideas, so read on to find out more. 

Peg it up

We bought this peg and string set from Hobbycraft. The idea was to keep everything super simple so we opted for mini brown paper envelopes (from Wilkinsons) and paper heart tags alternated with wooden trees.

Bags of fun 

Here at MC we love paper bags and as soon as we saw this idea we had just the bag. (Grey striped from Hobbycraft). We added numbered pegs but you can easily use stickers or Christmas washi tape. Each bag was filled and then placed in this lovely grey heart crate from Waitrose.

Mini Parcels

This option takes a little bit of time but the end effect is well worth it. Grab some brown paper and twine (we used red and green twine from Hobbycraft). Wrap your little gifts up and twist the twine around them. Finally display on a wooden Christmas Tree and add some candy canes.

Create A Tree On Your Wall 

Using some simple clear plastic bags this uses the mini parcels from the idea above. Fill each bag with a parcel and add some candy canes and chocolate santas. Secure with a sparkly sticker and use blue tac to secure to the wall.

Other ideas:

Toilet Roll Gingerbread House
Build a house from 24 toilet rolls and fill the tubes with treats, cover the ends with paper or card discs and add numbers.
Lego Tree
Get the kids to collect their green lego and create a tree, add some coloured bricks with numbers on (use little stickers). Every day remove the numbered bricks and swap for a treat.
Activity Cards
Get your kids into the Christmas spirit by creating 24 activity cards for them to pick from, choose christmas themed crafts, games, baking etc.
If you have the patience take 24 red and green balloons, place some treats inside (sweets etc). Inflate, draw on a number with a permanent pen and hang from the ceiling around the house. Get your children to pop a balloon each day.
Blog by Chloe xx