7 Tips To Combat Back To School Stress 

Getting the kids back to school can be stressful. We have pulled together 7 Tips to combat that stress! We hope you find them useful. 

Driving? Arrive early, bag a space and read!

If you drive to school try leaving 20 mins early and reduce the stress. Arriving early means you are less likely to have a problem parking. Use the time waiting to read with your child. Perfect for little ones who are too worn out to read after school.

Get the kids up a bit earlier a few days before

Holidays are great but if your child sleeps in a little later this becomes a problem when school starts again. Spend a few days getting them up earlier before term starts, that way it won’t be such a shock. Also remember to bring bedtime forward a bit if they have been going to bed later.

Prepare the night before

We all start off the new term saying we are going to be super organised but it never quite works out that way. Get the children involved! Make it their job to get uniform, bags etc. out the night before, tie it in with a treat for doing so and its win win for everyone.

Get a child file ready!

Although a lot of schools are moving towards paperless communication with parents its a good idea to keep a folder (either physical or on your computer) for each child. That way you are less likely to mss a school trip notice or the costume you need to make of this years nativity! Take a look at this idea from Table and Hearth

Keep a spare pair of clothes in the car 

Forgetting mufti day is one of my worries! We all try to keep on top of things but sometimes we just forget. Keep some spare clothes in the car just incase. that way you child won’t feel left out if you forget. These clothes also help with those impromptu after school outings out when the sun is shining.

Freeze a few easy tea time dinners to save after school stress

After school can be as stressful as before. Prepare ahead and make some freezable dinners or teas. that way all you need to do is defrost, warm and serve.

Stash after school snacks now

It always amazes me how hungry kids get at school. Get a huge stash of after school snacks and drinks ready in a bag or box in your car. that way you’ll never forget to take them with you.