WEANING PART VI – 7 Things I’d Wish I’d Known About Weaning

For those of you just embarking on the weaning journey, it can be both an exciting and daunting milestone in your little one’s development. Having weaned three children and spoken to many mums about their weaning experiences, through my company Messy Me, I thought I’d share 7 key things I (and other mums) wish we’d known when we started weaning.   Here goes:


  1. THE MESS… It’s hardly surprising this is top of my list, given I was inspired to set up a company, selling accessories to help mums with their messy little ones!

To a new mum, the ‘milk days’ can feel pretty messy – with milky burps down your shoulder on a regular basis. Believe me, weaning onto solids takes the mess to a whole new level… At times, you, your baby, the surrounding area and anyone in the vicinity are likely to get splattered…

My advice – feed your baby in a place where he can do least damage. Carpets and clothes (theirs and yours) could easily get ruined by mealtime spills and splashes. Investing in a good quality splash mat, wipe clean tablecloth and some bigger bibs will help protect your home and clothes.

  1. YOU’LL BECOME OBSESSED… Particularly in the early days, you’ll spend A LOT of time thinking about weaning… Has your little one eaten enough? Not enough? When should they try this? When did they last poo? Finger foods vs. purees? Am I giving them enough variety? Should I be adding extra texture? Should they be eating or sleeping now? The list goes on…


  1. LOGISTICS… Once you start weaning, milk feeds suddenly seem just so easy in comparison. Trips out now involve packing a meal for your little one, working out where they can eat it and careful planning of timings so they eat their lunch before they get too tired and fall asleep.


  1. DON’T WORRY TOO MUCH OR PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF…Linking in with the weaning obsession, is the guilt many new mums feel when weaning. If you don’t have time to lovingly prepare a freshly cooked meal every day for your little one, it’s not the end of the world. There are some great, highly nutritious jars and pouches available nowadays, in an amazing range of flavours, which will be perfectly fine for your little one. They are also not going to starve if they refuse to eat, or eat very little at one mealtime.  Particularly in the early days, they are still getting a lot of their nutrients from their milk feeds.

Preparing food in batches and freezing into ice cubes can make preparing fresh meals less time consuming – as can setting aside some of your meals (as long as no salt has been added) to puree the next day.


  1. PERSEVERE – A GRIMACE DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN THEY DON’T LIKE IT… You’re likely to see some amazing new expressions from your little one as they try new foods. Grimaces, frowns and pouts are often just a sign that the taste or flavour is unfamiliar, rather than a sign of outright rejection.

It’s also worth remembering to try and try again if foods are rejected. Studies show it can take up to 10 x for a baby to get used to a certain food.


  1. BABIES CAN BE UNPREDICTABLE AND EVERCHANGING…Your baby’s tastes will evolve and change and it’s impossible to predict how and when they will change. A meal they happily gobbled up one day can be rejected outright the next. This can be incredibly frustrating – particularly when you’ve lovingly prepared a large batch of their supposedly favourite meal, only to find they no longer like it…


  1. FEARS ABOUT CHOKING… On a more serious note, this is something I really worried about in the early days of weaning. I did a baby first aid course before starting weaning and would really recommend this – to give some peace of mind in the early days. Alternatively, there are a number of videos on Youtube about choking and St John’s Ambulance has some good advice and videos on their website.

I hope this helps… Happy weaning!


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