7 Sandwich Swaps For Your Lunch

Here at Mummies club we are always looking for alternatives to spice up the mundane and the boring and this week our focus in on your lunch time sandwich, a staple in households across the country. We challenge you to throw out that sliced bread and swap in some of our 7 sandwich swaps.

#1 Rice Wrap

by healthyfood.co.uk

So simple to make and seriously yum!  Bite into crunchy fresh vegetables dipped in a scrummy sauce.

#2 Quesadillas

by the kitchn

Have a go at this mexican staple, we particularly like this version from The Kitchn called the Avodilla, combining avocado and a hint of maple syrup is inspired!

#3 Mushroom Burgers

portabella-mushroom-caprese-burgersby Food for my family

Who said mushrooms are boring? Grab yourself some meaty portabellos and have a go at these. Perfect for a meat free monday!

#4 California Rolls

California-Roll-Sushi_-2by Natasha’s Kitchen

We just adore the summery fresh look and taste of california rolls. This version packed with crab meat, avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds is simple to make.

#5 Soup in a bread bowl

Soup in bread bowlby Mummies Club

We had to include this one as it’s something we’ve been doing at Mummies Club headquarters for the past few weeks. It’s so simple! Make or buy your favourite soup, hollow out a roll and pour the hot soup inside, eat the soup with a spoon and then tear up and enjoy the soaked roll. Yum, is an understatement!

#6 Super Salad

by The Healthy Chef

This beauty boosting salad with fig, orange and pomegranate is the perfect way to give your innner body a boost. Make sure you take a look at The Healthy Chefs other super salads, you’ll become obsessed.

#7 Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

by Nature Doc

There’s nothing that makes you feel as good as gobbling down a warming  bowl of asian noodle  soup. This version from Nature Doc is particularly scrummy.

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