7 Awesome Ice Cream Treats

Ice cream, the staple treat of summer! This week we’ve pulled together some fabulous treats from good old-fashioned coke floats to amazing ice cream sandwiches. Grab your scoop and get creative…

#1 Scrummy Sandwich

Selective focus on the sweet biscuit

Whatever your favourite flavour you’ve got to make one of these simple ice cream sandwiches. Use biscuits, cookies, brioche or even cake as the “bread”, ice cream as the “filling” and decorate with sprinkles and sauce. Yum!

#2 Beautiful Bombe


From Cadbury.co.uk

When we found this recipe we couldn’t believe our eyes! A Cadbury chocolate shell, raspberries, and chunks of Cadbury Wispa bars – talk about heaven!

#3 Cute Cake


from Martha Stewart.com

There are literally hundreds of ice cream cake recipes on the internet so it was very hard to choose just one. We settled on this striped Martha Stewart offering and it uses both ice cream and sorbet and looks seriously delicious.

#4 Crazy Coke Float


From wikiHow.com

Take a step back in time and make a coke float. We love these three recipes on WikkiHow including a sweet and savoury version with bacon!!!!!

#5 Bonkers Banana Split


from BBC Good Food

For this ice cream treat we’ve gone retro and chosen a good old banana split. Check out the BBC Good Food website for recipes such as this simple and speedy version.

#6 Marvellous Milkshake


This blog wouldn’t be complete without a milkshake recipe and after the simplicity of the coke float and banana split above we’ve gone extreme. Check out these FREAK SHAKES from How To Cook That

#7 Perfect Pops


from serious eats

Who said ice cream has to come in a cone or bowl? Make some of these perfect ice cream pops, perfect for popping in the freezer then popping on your mouth!