6 Top Kids YouTube Channels

Forget the days of standard network channels and programme times – we now live in the age of the internet and YouTube is our global video library – with as many as 500+ hours’ worth of content being uploaded every minute, of every day – it can be hard to get to the good stuff. That’s why we’ve pulled together 6 of the best YouTube channels for kids…

#1 Little Baby Bum



5,875,460 subscribers • 7,175,259,908 views

Little Baby Bum is a leading British nursery rhyme channel with a massive global audience, ranking in at #5 in a list of the most popular YouTube channels in the world! The idea to launch Little Baby Bum was borne out of a desire to bring television quality cartoons to YouTube, combining colourful 3D characters with traditional nursery rhymes. Perfect for toddlers and available in a range of video lengths

#2 FunToyzCollector


6,868,812 subscribers • 10,315,531,957 views

With such a whopping amount of views we simply had to include FunToyzCollector in our top 6 YouTube channels for kids. The toy channel features a range of popular toys from animations such a Peppa Pig and Frozen as they are unboxed and played with in a range of colourful settings. Specifically aimed at toddlers, babies, infants and preschoolers this simple video concept certainly keeps the little one’s happy

#3 SimpleKidsCrafts



195,811 subscribers • 66,352,256 views

Simple Kids Crafts is a brilliant resource for kids who love to craft. With over 900 videos at 5 minutes or less, there’s more than enough material here to entertain for a rainy day! There are lots of innovative ideas here to try with a playlist especially for boys too. With a focus on using low-cost, readily available recycled materials, the kids will be crafting in no time. 

#4 All4tubekids



836,673 subscribers • 553,283,629 views

A family friendly comedy channel packed full of fun as we are let into a Michigan-based family household where fun takes centre stage. There’s lots of silliness to be had here with celebrity parodies, comedy skits, pranks and kid’s challenges – great for a giggle!

#5 Mother Goose Club



2,746,990 subscribers • 3,688,967,266 views

A brightly coloured, high energy channel led by 6 characters who sing, clap and dance their way through classic nursery rhymes. Mother Goose Club is aimed at preschoolers and is available in a variety of video lengths, from 1-2 minutes all the way to half hour episodes.

#6 National Geographic Kids



26,751 subscribers • 9,373,171 views

A great channel for those curious young explorers – this channel has got it all! Covering a wide range of fascinating subjects ranging from the animal kingdom all the way to archeology. With new uploads daily and a range of specially curated playlists, there’s something for everyone.

And if you haven’t already, why not download the kids YouTube app aimed at ages 7+ with in-built parental guidance? Happy YouTubing!


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