6 Steps To Fitness Success

This weeks blog is from Ruth Harries. Ruth is a business member with our Camberley club and runs the successful Ruth Harries Fitness.

“At this time of year many of us are working towards our New Years resolutions. Many of us are very good at making the decisions to do something and sat there champagne in hand on the 31st December saying 2016 will be the year I will be less stressed out, healthier, lose that 1 or 2 stone, be a better parent, friend or better at work. How many of you are making the same resolutions that you made in 2015 – it is time to make 2016 the year we reach our goals.

As a Personal Trainer I am going to focus on the goal to be healthier but, there is no reason why any of the below cannot be applied to other resolutions. Have a look through this list and see if you can apply them to your resolutions

#1 Keep it Simple

Start with the following simple changes to your lifestyle:

Drink more water

Move Daily

Walk a little more, park a little further away from the shops; dance round with your children

Eat Simple Unprocessed Foods

Eat slowly

Chew properly

This allows food to digest more easily and ensures we get the message to stop when we are full

Plan your food and stick to it!

#2 Be Realistic

Don’t set yourself goals that are unachievable if you have never run before don’t plan to run a marathon – set a target of a 5 or 10k and work towards that.

 #3 Find a friend

Training with a friend or partner is so much more motivating than trying to go it alone. Find a friend or friends who has similar goals to you. You don’t need to do every training session with them but, you could start a Whatsapp or Facebook group where you let them know when you are exercising and letting them know your achievements. It will encourage you and them.

#4 Make it Fun

Good exercise and nutrition does not have to be a chore. Find an exercise that you enjoy as it will be so much easier to go if you love it. I love seeing the grin on my client’s faces when they have done a boxercise session and they keep coming back for more. Same with nutrition; don’t eat food you hate just because it is healthy, life is just too short for that.

#5 Don’t sweat the small stuff

No one is perfect (although please don’t tell my husband I am not) and you will fall off the wagon, you may eat chocolate when you have sworn not too, you may miss a gym session and that just one glass of wine may turn into the bottle and 3 G&Ts. When this happens it is so very easy to let that one bad decision ruin your day, week, month but, why should it? Just accept that you have fallen off and climb back on. Many people find it helpful to plan in the treats as a little bit of what they fancy stops them from over indulging.

#6 Stress less, laugh more

Don’t let your goals get on top of you and stress you out, apart from stress negatively impacting any weight loss goals you have it will make you less likely to complete them. Take time out, go for a walk, have a laugh with your friends, meditate, colour, whatever works for you, but set aside some time each day to do something for yourself.”

I wish you all lots of luck in achieving your goals and if you would like further information about the help I can offer please visit me at www.ruthharriesfitness.com


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