6 Ideas For Entertaining The Kids This Holiday

Most of us are now in the depths of the Easter break from school and you may just have run out of ideas of things to do (other than those that empty your wallet pretty quickly).

We’ve got 6¬†quick, easy and cheap ideas below…

Glow Stick Balloon Disco

from pop sugar.com

Ok so if the sun is hidden behind thick black rain clouds why not close the curtains and embrace the dark. We love this glow stick balloon idea from pop sugar.com. Simple but looks awesome.

Play British Bake Off (or at least decorate off)

Baking is a great activity for the holidays as it fits in with the fact kids only really concentrate for a maximum of 30 mins at a time. Mix up some cakes, plan something to do while they cook and cool, then get decorating. Add a British Bake Off spin by having a theme. If you aren’t able to bake go simple and grab some plain biscuits, icing and a variety of sprinkles and sweets and make monster faces, pretty flowers, animals or whatever takes your fancy.

Make some Bubble Snakes

This activity was featured in our project 52 blog and is so easy. Click HERE to find full instructions

Go Pond Dipping

As the weather is starting to warm now is the perfect time to start pond dipping and see what little creatures you can find. Grab a net and bucket and get stuck in.

Play Dens Inside

Always a favourite and the fun lasts for hours, grab old sheets, pillows, duvets, cushions etc. and create an inside den.

Build and Obstacle Course

Another idea featured in Project52. Perfect for the whole family. Click HERE for some ideas.