5 Ways To Entertain The Kids This Christmas

Christmas is filled with fun but sometimes we get stuck for activities to keep the kids entertained. With this in mind we’ve pulled together 5 super easy ideas for the Festive period. Have fun!

 #1 Make  A Living Room race Track


from mummylish.com

Such a simple idea why have we never thought of this before? Grab some masking tape and toy cars and off you go. You could even use small toys instead of cars and create a little village for them to play in.

#2 Make Ice Cream Christmas Trees


from the hungryhousewife.com

Here at Mummies Club we tried this idea last year and it was great fun! Upturn some ice cream cones and decorate as mini trees – and the best bit you get to eat them at the end.

#3 Make Some Home Made Ornaments


from Artcraftsandfamily.com

Good old Cheerios (or other slightly lower cost brand). Have some fun making these ornaments for your family tree.

#4 Make A Bubble Wrap Run


from playcreateexplore.org

LOVE this! – That is all.

#5 Make Some Christmassy Cake Pops


by echosoflaughter.ca

Cake pops are great fun to make a simple for little ones to decorate. We love this idea of a cake pop party, it is Christmas after all.