5 Ways To Beat Blue Monday

Ok so Monday 20th January is supposed to be the day we will all feel awful. The debts from Christmas, the failed New Years resolutions and dark dreary days.

Here at Mummies club we don’t take things lying down so we’ve got 5 ways to BEAT BLUE MONDAY this year.

#1 Have a technology free day

Cute young girl texting with her mobile phone

Hearing about negative things like blue Monday can make your mood low so choose to switch off. Skip the morning news, stay off facebook and ignore all that negative chatter.

#2 Go for a walk

Exercise boosts your mood and doesn’t have to be sweating in a spin class at the gym. Grab your coat, hat and gloves and get outside in the fresh air. Make sure you take time to appreciate what is around you and breathe.

#3 Connect

Plan something fun with those you love. Invite a friend over for coffee or a glass of wine and take time to relax and laugh.

#4 Change the routine

Try doing something different from your normal Monday. Gather the family together for an impromptu movie night or bake a massive cake, anything goes just as long as it’s not “normal”.

#5 Plan ahead

What better way to spend Monday 16th than planning the year ahead. Instead of concentrating on the negativity of the day plan your summer or even next Christmas, whatever excites you.