5 No Bake Dessert Ideas

Having dessert is the perfect way to reward all that “Mummie” hard work. If I’m honest we all love dessert here at MC but we’re not very good at getting ourselves organised enough to bake one. With this in mind we’ve pulled together our top 5 no bake desserts and the best news of all, they can all be prepared in advance.

#1 Mason Jar Cheesecakes

Crumble up some biscuits (we love digestives) and pack into the bottom of a glass or jar. Mix equal quantities of ready made custard (the posh vanilla ones work really well) and mascarpone cheese together and layer on top of the biscuit. Decorate with fruit, chocolate or whatever takes your fancy.

#2 Raspberry Yogurt Pops

homemade raspberry popsicle

Super simple to make, Take some thick and creamy raspberry yogurt and fresh raspberries, mix them together. Fill ice pop mounds with the mixture and freeze.

#3 Chocolate Nut Balls

Chocolate Coconut Almond BallsOk so this one does require a little heating but no long baking we promise. Melt 500g chocolate with 1 tbsp butter. Remove from heat Stir in remaining 150g walnuts, finely chopped175g peanuts, unsalted, finely chopped, 175g almonds, finely chopped, 3 tablespoons caster sugar, 1 tbsp cocoa powder. Finish off by rolling the balls in sugar or some ground nuts.

#4 Blueberry and Coconut milk Chia Pudding

Healthy and trendy snack made with chia seeds and blueberries

This dessert can be made for one or many, just increase the quantities as required Place 1 part chia seeds to 3 parts coconut milk into an airtight container, add 1 part almond milk, some cinnamon to taste and a good drizzle of honey. Blend equal amounts of blueberries and water to make a blueberry smoothie, mix with the chia seeds mixture and leave overnight.

#5 Chocolate Coated Bananas

Chocolate coated bananas, a delicious kid desert

Take some bananas, peel, halve and place a stick onto one end. Melt some chocolate and dip the banana in, add some brightly coloured sprinkles or leave plain and place onto some baking paper. Wait for the chocolate to set by placing the bananas in the fridge.


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