5 Food Trends You Just HAVE To Try

Rainbow pastry unicorn horns and ice-cream wrapped in candy floss? What’s not to like?!

These are the hottest food trends sweeping the Internet, and we’re serving them up here for you first. They’re almost too pretty to eat, but we might just have to scoff the whole lot anyway…

#1 Rainbow Unicorn Horns


From Tastemade

We promised you rainbow pastry unicorn horns, so here they are in all of their gaudy glory. All you need to do is make your own multi-coloured rough puff pastry, twist them into rainbow-clad horns and whack them in the oven. Simple, right?! No, not really. But oh, so pretty. And you will be the talk of the playground forevermore if these turn up in your kids’ lunchboxes.

#2 Fairy Floss Ice Cream


From Ozy.com

A humble Mr Whippy may not cut the mustard after trying one of these salty, flossy, cloudy creations. And you have the Australians to thank for bringing them to our shores, as people are going wild for them down under. This one’s from a Sydney dessert parlour, where punters are actually queuing to have their photo taken with their fairy floss against a cloud background. Each to their own… 

#3 Bubble Tea


From Rivetea.com

Clearly, there’s nothing like a good cup of char – but these multi-coloured bubble teas are pretty damn special too. This is a craze sweeping in from Taiwan and South East Asia, where bubble teas have been huge for many years – but they’re only just popping up in the trendy coffee bars of the UK. Bubble teas are essentially iced teas, with delicious pearls of tapioca added for good measure. You can make fruity concoctions – or even a good old English breakfast bubble tea if you’re a traditionalist at heart.

#4 Fish Bowl Jellies


From Martha Stewart

A big food trend right now seems to revolve around putting items in jelly. This pretty fish bowl is sure to get your kids excited after a trip to the cinema to watch Finding Dory and it is actually fairly easy, we promise! 

#5 Extreme Milkshakes


From Nobiggie.net on Bloglovin’

Extreme milkshakes are another Aussie invention- and we love them for bringing us these delicious, towering monstrosities. We’re not quite sure how we’d get our chops around the burger milkshake or the American pancake shake, but we are ready and willing to give it a good try. 

#6 Ice Cream Macaron


From Stylist.co.uk

Fancy a little bit more naughtiness with your macaron? These ice cream macarons are sure to do the trick! They’re the brain-child of baker Sammy Le, who hated wasting egg yolks when making macarons and decided to use them for ice cream instead of chucking them away. Delicious and environmentally friendly to boot!

#7 Sushi Burger


From Mymodernmet.com

After all of that sugar, we felt the need to include something vaguely healthy. Sticky rice acts as the burger bun, which is then stuffed to the brim with sliced fish, avocado and other delicious goodies. This one even has rainbow rice to win you those extra points on Instagram.

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