5 Edible Messy Play Ideas

All kids love getting messy, but they’re equally fond of shoving everything in their mouths – from paint and play dough, to chalk and crayons.

With these messy play ideas, you don’t have to worry about your kiddiwinks sampling some of the goods – they’re all taste-safe! Obviously you wouldn’t want your toddler to snaffle the whole bowl of rainbow pasta (imagine the nappies!), but it’s perfectly fine if some of it does end up in their mouths.

We reckon it may be worth getting involved in these activities now while the weather is still good and you can play outside. Either that, or run the risk of luminous handprints across the kitchen…

#1 Rainbow spaghetti


From Meri Cherry

This is a brilliant idea for birthday parties and barbecues – whip out your multi-coloured spaghetti and watch the kids come running! It’s super-simple to make too. Just put cooked spaghetti in a zip-lock bag, add food colouring and water (and a bit of oil so it doesn’t stick), swoosh it around – and you’re all set for spaghetti mayhem.

 #2 Glowing bath water


From Asia Citro at Funathomewithkids.com

Bath-time will never be the same again once you’ve tried this incredible glowing bath water. It will simply blow your kids’ socks off. It’s made with a glowing vitamin that you can buy in several shops across the UK. Totally fine and safe to play in, though obviously don’t let them drink it by the cup load!

#3 Jelly finger paints


From the Imagination Tree

Kids love the wibbly-wobbly texture of jelly- and with this brilliant recipe, they can paint with it too. It won’t be long before those little fingers end up in their mouths, and it’s totally safe for them to have a couple of tastes.

 #4 Multi-coloured play foam


From PowerfulMothering.com

Ah, it looks so pretty that you may not want your little one to dip their mitts in there. And it’s just whipped cream and food colouring. Result!

#5  Edible Sand


From Fun-A-Day.com

Fancy a trip to the beach? Now you can have a beach in your own back garden, with this ingenious edible sand recipe consisting of just wholewheat flour and vegetable oil. It feels just like real sand and it’s completely mouldable – so perfect for sandcastles!

 Blog by Annabel x


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