5 Christmas gift ideas for babies & toddlers

If you know someone who has recently had a baby and this will be their child’s first Christmas, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to get for them as a special Christmas gift. Often, babies are inundated with things that they will never use or that aren’t personal to their parents. If you’re looking to buy a gift for a baby in your life that their parents will definitely appreciate, we have some ideas to help you find something special.

#1 Wooden toys

It goes without saying that babies have a lot of toys, but when they are really small, buying them a fancy toy that’s really more of a gadget that anything else just isn’t necessary. Instead, invest in some lovely wooden toys made with quality that will last as they grow up. Parents will thank you for these toys rather than something with flashing lights that makes a loud noise!

#2 Baby clothes

Newborn babies do grow out of clothes very quickly. That being said, special Christmas clothes are an adorable treat that parents will love. Think glittery dresses, Christmas pudding hats and reindeer baby grows for a cute Christmas baby outfit. They might only wear it once, but as it’s a novelty gift, it’s definitely worth the cuteness.

#3 Personalised gifts

If you’re looking for your gift to stand out from the rest and be kept for years to come, personalised gifts could be what you are looking for. Whether it’s a personalised photo album full of baby photos or a baby blanket with their name stitched onto it, these gifts are not only lovely for parents to receive at the time but are also great for the baby to still have when they get older as a childhood memento.

#4 Bath products

While you might think that lovely smelling bath products are only for adults, there are so many amazing baby bath product ranges out there that one of these sets can make a great Christmas gift. Find your favourite brand of natural and organic products and see if they do a baby range, or do a little research online to find out which products will not only be beneficial for baby skin but also look and smell lovely too. Marili Skincare do a lovely organic range in gorgeous strawberry and caramel flavours.

#5 Books

A book is a great gift for someone of any age, and while babies may not be able to read, reading to them and making sure they have books in their lives will help their development and make sure they are prepared when it comes to learning to read. A lovely special edition of a classic children’s book would make a great gift to be kept for years to come and passed down to other children.

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Blog by Jo xx